7+ Years

Working on content from inception to publication.

10M Published

Words for publications, brands, and businesses.

11+ Years

Professional experience in Communications & Marketing.

My Services

As a journalist, Ashley uses storytelling combined with scientific evidence and fact-based information to educate and engage readers. Bylines include Chatelaine, Business Insider, Yahoo Lifestyle, National Post, Leafly, Vancouver Sun, and Ottawa Citizen. As a consultant, Ashley excels at B2B and B2C content strategy, editorial planning, product development, marketing and communications. She offers services from simple copywriting to complex project management.

About Me

Ashley is a Journalist and Content Strategist focusing on content management, editorial planning, storytelling and SEO-rich writing that serves B2B and B2C markets. Ashley has excelled as a solopreneur; helping companies develop digital and print materials that engage and educate audiences. Ashley is an individual, not a consulting firm. Her robust content and editorial experience, as well as subject matter expertise, allow her to create high-performing content, offer essential consumer insight, and a comprehensive understanding of media and stakeholders.

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